Prato Area Travel Guide

The Province of Prato in Tuscany has than 248000 inhabitants. It borders Emilia-Romagna on the north, the eastern and southern borders touch the province of Florence and that of Pistoia on the west side.
It was established in 1992 as a spin-off of the province of Florence, and it is the second smallest province on the Italian territory preceded only by Trieste. It includes only the towns of Prato, Carmignano, Poggio a Caiano Montemurlo, Cantagallo, Vernio and Vaiano. It is the Tuscan province with the highest per capita income.
It is one of the Italian provinces with the highest percentage of foreign residents. Almost half of these are Chinese and one quarter are second generation citizens.
The idea of creating the Prato province started in 1956. Only in 1992, but the city of Prato could become capital of the province, with the detachment of seven municipalities from the province of Florence.
The municipalities of Carmignano and Poggio a Caiano were assigned to the new province, although a referendum had established that the strong majority of residents were opposed to abandon the province of Florence. The textile district of Prato is much larger than the provinceof Prato. It infact also includes three municipalities of the province of Pistoia and two of the province of Florence.

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