Livorno Area Travel Guide

The Province of Livorno in Tuscany has about 330,000 inhabitants. It faces the Tyrrhenian Sea on the West and the Ligurian Sea (on the promontory of Piombino is placed the boundary between these two seas), to the North and East it borders the province of Pisa, and the Province of Grosseto to the South.

The territory shows traces of settlements since the Palaeolithic. The Etruscans and Romans set up here a dense network of overland and maritime trade. The Aurelia road was built during the Roman era. After the barbaric wars, Pisa and Volterra occupied these territories.
The surrounding area was often merged and divided among the neighboring powers, until the Napoleonic period when all the surrounding territories were merged into one area very similar to the present province. After several other divisions in 1925, for direct involvement of the fascist Costanzo Ciano (that was born in Livorno) the tiny province of Livorno, gathering around a city with little more than 100,000 inhabitants, was enlarged with the municipality of Capraia Island (taken from the province of Genoa) and those of Bibbona, Campiglia Marittima, Castagneto Carducci, Cecina, Collesalvetti, Piombino, Rosignano Marittimo, Sassetta and Suvereto, taken from the province of Pisa.

The area north of the province, behind the port of Livorno, is flat and is characterized by a marshy environment. Further south there are minor hills that extend behind a flat coastal strip, except for the area immediately south of Livorno and the Piombino promontory, where the coast is rather high and rocky.
The province includes the islands of Gorgona, Capraia, Elba, Montecristo and Pianosa. The only important river is the Cecina. After a distance of 73 kilometers it ends up by the homonymous village, in the middle of Maremma. To the south lies the valley of the River Cornia which includes the municipalities of Piombino, San Vincenzo, Campiglia Marittima, Suvereto and Sassetta.


A little medieval village perched on the Piombino promontory looking out over the small but picturesque bay of the Gulf of Baratti. It was founded…

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