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Tuscany Travel Guide

All the beauty in the world is useless if you do not know where to find it. This Tuscany travel guide is here to give you a rough guide (well, not so rough!) of this wonderful Italian region. Did you know that Tuscany holds 40% of the entire Italian artistic heritage, which in turns holds about 90% of the world art heritage? This means that Tuscany holds 36% of the entire world heritage! But of course there is not just art and museums to be seen in Tuscany. The natural environment, folklore, traditions, and events of the region are other excellent reasons to be in Tuscany to enjoy a complete vacation. If you would like to get a better idea of what you could find, this Tuscany travel guide is an ideal tool. Without a guide, it would be easy to get lost and tired among the thousands of towns, cities and villages that constitute the rich Tuscan territory. Is it better to explore the mountain side or the sea side? Should we stay in a city apartment, a hotel or in a countryside villa or apartment? Do we need to rent a car or can we use public transportation to get around Tuscany? As obvious as it may seem, the answer to all these questions is, it depends. As a matter of fact you may be interested in visiting places and points of interest that are completely far apart from each other, or located in remote parts where public transportation is not very efficient. If you have a handy travel guide in your hands, you can create an intelligent ideal route that conjugates all your needs and desires letting you plan the best time, transportation mode, and accommodation type for your holiday in Tuscany.

How is The Tourist Guide of Tuscany Organized?

Tuscany is divided into several provinces, but generally the areas of interest include portions of more than one province. For example the heart of Chianti includes parts of Siena and Florence, Maremma includes parts of Grosseto, Livorno and Pisa, the Etruscan Coast includes parts of Livorno, Pisa and Lucca. Here you have the main Tuscan provinces and main geographic areas of interest. Each one includes a series of towns and cities that represent a precise geographic identity. Therefore choosing one area to explore facilitates your discovery of the region and the decision about your ideal stay. If a specific area includes one of the properties on ThriftyTuscany.com, you will find it signaled among the advised properties. This way your accommodation choice can be easily narrowed down to your areas of interest.

Arezzo Area Travel Guide

The province of Arezzo derives from the ancient compartment of the Grand Duchy of Tuscany. It was born in 1826 with the union of municipalities…

Massa Carrara Area Travel Guide

The province of Massa Carrara is located on the northernmost tip of Tuscany, bordering with Liguria, Emilia Romagna and the Ligure Sea. It is one…

Livorno Area Travel Guide

The Province of Livorno in Tuscany has about 330,000 inhabitants. It faces the Tyrrhenian Sea on the West and the Ligurian Sea (on the promontory…

Pisa Area Travel Guide

The area surrounding the city of Pisa is rich of small towns, charter houses, and thermal baths. Leading Pisa, one follows The State Rd., #67…

Lucca Area Travel Guide

The province of Lucca is an area rich of villas and nice coastal towns such as Viareggio. This is also the area where Giacomo Puccini was born. This…

Pistoia Area Travel Guide

The province of Pistoia is located in the northern part of Tuscany bordering the provinces of Lucca to the West, Prato to East, Florence and Pisa…

Prato Area Travel Guide

The Province of Prato in Tuscany has than 248000 inhabitants. It borders Emilia-Romagna on the north, the eastern and southern borders touch the province of…

Siena Area Travel Guide

The itinerary traverses the southern part of the Chianti district. The feature the whole of this area has in common, is no precise boundary provided…

Florence Area Travel Guide

The Province of Florence is in Tuscany and counts almost a million inhabitants. On the northern borders it touches the Emilia-Romagna region, the Arezzo province…

Lunigiana Travel Guide

Proceeding northwards along the via Aurelia, one encounters the road leading off last towards Luni, the ancient chief town of the Lunigiana. Notwithstanding its many…

Maremma Travel Guide

Maremma is a vast geographic area between Tuscany and Lazio, facing the Thyrrenian sea. It is hard to clearly delimit this region, whose largest portion undoubtedly…

Chianti Travel Guide

The Chianti is a region that goes from the highest portion of the Florence province until the province of siena including the municipalities of Radda…

Grosseto Area Travel Guide

The territory around the city of Grosseto is one of the richest of Etruscan archaeological sites and towns, which often still preserve their Etruscan name. In…

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