Castellare de’ Noveschi

A precious jewel lays near Gaiole, in central Tuscany. Hotel in Chianti Castellare de’Noveschi, is an out-of-this-world resort that will leave you enchanted. Its ancient traits were masterfully and wisely intertwined with the modern way of living, in full respect with the Tuscan traditions and the history of the place. The so-called genius loci, or the soul of the place, is felt really strong as soon as you enter the hamlet or step into your room. In addition to the stone wall houses, little winding alleys and mesmerizing natural surroundings, the renovation process brought this resort to creating unique living environments, special suites and rooms that become nests for two, perfect for a romantic holiday in Tuscany.

Hotel in Chianti Castellare de’ Noveschi has 8 precious bedrooms decorated with masterful taste, giving you a homelike feeling from the very first moment. Each room is unique and appointed with antique pieces of furniture from the Tuscan tradition. The bed definitely is the protagonist. You will find wrought iron beds, beds with wooden painted headers, and four poster king size beds, each one perfectly in tune with the unique spirit of the bedroom it sits in. Each accommodation has an ensuite bathroom with bathtub or shower, in addition to any comfort you may need. Important historic personages bound to this hamlet’s life gave their names to each room, as a permanent reminder of the historic importance of this place. From their windows one can stay by the hours admiring the world famous rolling hills of Chianti in Tuscany.

Hotel in Chianti dedicated to food and wine, that is. A passion also celebrated in its best-feature room. The suite denominated Bacco’s Dream deserves special attention. It used to be the imposing wood wine casks of the property, where wine was left to ferment. You can still see the casks, as you will actually stay in them. One is now a bedroom and another one accommodates the bathroom with shower. Splendid light games and decorations were artistically created playing around the theme of wine and all the utensils that concern with it. Wine is the blood of Chianti, and you can definitely feel it pulsating in this hotel suite in Tuscany. If you are looking for a romantic escape, this suite definitely is what you are looking for in Tuscany.

Hotel in Chianti Castellare de’ Noveschi also offers wine therapy inside a small temple dedicated to the red nectar. In the Chianti this is a pleasure you cannot do without. Submerge your body inside the hydro-massage wooden tub filled with warm water and the essence of wine, awakening you senses, stirring your emotions, and benefiting from their healthy properties.

For a gourmet experience in Tuscany, hotel Castellare is also home to a special, intimate restaurant. The Locanda de’ Noveschi offers a delightfully decorated small dinner hall, rich of fine objects, fabrics, and tableware. While your eye delights from such refinement, this is just the stage for the protagonists that the chef of this hotel in Chianti will bring on your table. Each dish is, in fact, a masterful work of art, where all ingredients give all their potential for an end result that will leave you speechless.

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