Audio Guide of Siena

The audio guide of Siena to get to know this small city at your pace and do not miss any important sight. There are two itineraries to choose from.

First Itinerary: Start from the heart of Siena, the PIazza del Campo with its Palazzo Pubblico, the Torre del Mangia and the Chapel. Walk along the main street of town to get to the church San Domenico first, and then to the church of San Francesco. Walk back towards the Piazza del Campo to get to Palazzo Piccolomini, then continue to the church of Santa Maria dei Servi.

Instructions: PC users, right click on any file you would like to download and choose “Save as” from the drop down menu. Mac users, ctrl key+mouse click on any file you want to download and choose the “Save As” drop down menu option.

Siena – First Itinerary

Siena – Second Itinerary

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