Audio Guide of Tuscany

tuscany audio guideImagine walking through a charming Tuscan town or city like Florence, taking the time to discover the place at your leisure, slowing down when you want to, or fast forwarding as you need to. You would never be able to do so in a guided walking tour, with schedules and group needs to respect.

An audio guide is your unobtrusive personal tour guide. A self guided walking tour is perfect to discover Tuscany, its art cities and historic towns. Your ears will listen, you will learn, and your hands will be free from guidebooks, taking pictures, or holding a nice gelato!

All audio guides of Tuscany are free of charge.

File formats
All city and towns are listed below, with three file formats each to get you covered no matter what device you prefer. You will be able to download one or all of the following file formats: mp3 for your audio player, mp4 for your iPod or iPhone, and 3gp for your cellphone.

We know your cellphone and iPhone read mp3 files, but the 3gp and mp4 files also include a bonus. With these file formats you will be able to see pictures of what is being talked about in the audio file. This will make it much easier for you to locate the object of your attention in the real world at a glance. Pictures are also a great aid for getting to know the area even before arriving there, taking you through a virtual guided tour of Tuscany.

Don’t forget to pack your free audio guides of Tuscany!

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