Thrifty Recipes

Following the same spirit that guides us through the discovery of excellent Tuscan vacation properties, we present to you this Thrifty Tuscan recipes page.

What are thrifty recipes? They are dishes prepared using leftovers from previous meals, or usually unused food like stale bread or old lettuce. Did you know that you can save a lot on your grocery shopping without missing on quality and healthy food? Did you ever try Panzanella? That is a great example of a thrifty recipe! Never tried it? Well, discover it below then…
Thrifty recipes are not about unsafely stored food that passed its best-before date, or rotting vegetables. Unfortunately, those will only have to be thrown in the compost pit (not in the regular trash!).

Did you create your own recipe?
Here you will find a number of thrifty Tuscan recipes, but we would like to know if you have some to propose to us. Did you invent a dish throwing in the last reminders of your pantry and then you thought while eating it: “Wow! This is really good!”? Let us know then, and we will publish that recipe giving you credit for it. Just one rule…keep it healthy and extravagant-condiment-free…most of the times they are fatty, hard to find everywhere, and, unfortunately, the only good tasting ingredient of a recipe.

We will be waiting for your recipes, and until then, buon appetito!

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