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The best airline deals on plane tickets with simple to use and innovative search engines. You can search through a search engine aggregator that works cross many air ticket search engines, best deals over 150 sites, forecast predictions whether your ticket will increase or lower in price, or finally pick the best flight companies rated following criteria as delays, lost luggage and more.

Kayak: Easy-to-use and simple online air ticket search tool that browses several major websites to scout the best prices on flights, hotels and more. Refine the search with your custom criteria, to get to your target price range.

SideStep: Easily browse through 150 websites with one click to find bargains and best deals on you travel needs. Extend your search to integrate other trip necessities such as hotels and activities in or around your destination.

Farecast: Innovative tool that relies on true factors to predict whether your flight prices will increase or lower. The time span is of days or even weeks, so through this tool you can plan ahead in the complicated flight pricing strategy. The site relies on average fluctuations.

InsideTrip: If price is not your only concern for selecting a flight company, here you will get info on finding the best airline match for your needs. You will be able to get information on quality scores with criteria such as lost luggage, late flights, flight cabin and seat comfort, just to name a few. To try even for fun only!

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