Salviata Recipe

Preparation Time: 15 minutes
Expense: 4 euros

sage plantThe Tuscan recipe of Salviata is supposed to be a medieval recipe. This supposition would be confirmed by the simple ingredients and the total absence of potatoes, tomatoes, and any other ingredient that became popular in Italy after the discovery of the New World. Additionally, all the ingredients are easily found near any farmhouse in Tuscany, which even more confirms the origins of this recipe. You will be surprised by the simplicity of this recipe, but at the same time by its taste. In the Italian and Tuscan cooking tradition, sage is an important ingredient, as it has important anti inflammatory and depurative properties, among others.
This recipe is extremely thrifty, as the original did not even incude salt, as it was considered more precious than gold and heavily taxed, especially in Tuscany (this is the reason why Tuscan bread is unsalted).

– 8 eggs
– 4 tablespoons of grated cheese
– a pinch of flour
– a pinch of salt
– a drop of oil
– 2 glasses of milk
– plenty of minced sage

Put all the ingredients inside an oven pot and mix them all together using a wooden spoon. If you have an earthenware pot and a wood oven, this would make the recipe even more authentic, otherwise you can use an electric oven. Set the temperature to 340 degrees and cook for five minutes. Should it need more time set back in the oven. The resulting consistency should more or less resemble that of scrambled eggs. Buon appetito!

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