Quick Pesto Pasta Recipe

Preparation time: 10 minutes
Expense: 2 euros

spaghetti basil garlicThere are times when you need to cook something quick, on the cheap and without sacrificing taste. If you also care for making food that takes care of your health and the calories count, this recipe is just what you need to create a quick pesto sauce to make every time you want. This is not the full fledged pesto done the Genoa way, it is a simplified version made with what you are almost certain to find in your garden or at the grocery store. The ingredients are really inexpensive, making this one of the most thrifty recipes you can get.
The recipe calls for whole wheat spaghetti pasta, but of course if you like, or don’t have a choice, regular white pasta is fine. It is best to avoid kamut or barley pasta as the taste contrasts quite a bit with the sauce, and it might not result as pleasant and tasty.

– 1 clove of garlic, fresh
– 20 basil leaves
– half cup extra virgin olive oil
– a handful of capers
– 100 grams of spaghetti, whole wheat or white

Set the water to boil, add salt and when boiling add the spaghetti. Cook “al-dente”. Meanwhile, rinse the basil leaves, then shred them onto a plate. Clean the garlic clove then mince it and add it to the basil. Rinse the capers and cut them then mix in with the other ingredients adding all the olive oil. Start smashing all the ingredients together with a fork then with the bottom of a glass, until all the ingredients are blended together. You will notice that the olive oil is quite abundant compared to the other ingredients, which is how it should be, as it is your flavor vector.
When the pasta is cooked, strain it then mix it with the sauce stirring well to flavor it thoroughly. Buon appetito!

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