Houston Hotel

Traveling can be an awesome experience and the accommodations you choose mean a lot. At Houston hotel, we understand these needs as the owners are a combination of native New Yorkers as well as a native Livornese!

We are a small family owned and operated hotel, located in downtown Livorno. Our goal is to provide an affordable but pleasant stay, while you experience all of the great sites, beauty, art, shopping and beaches Tuscany has to offer. Being that our twin city is Pisa, we are a cost effective alternative to the exorbitant prices of the popular tourist destination. Yet, Livorno has fantastic culture and is a great place for those who love the water, especially surfing!

The hotel is housed in an older building erected in the late 1800’s but has a recently remodeled interior. Our rooms are colorfully decorated with colors intentionally chosen to render a sense of happiness, and tranquility. Many have described our style as “modern”, “hip” and “chic”, yet most of all very clean.

The owners of the hotel both come from professional medical backgrounds which makes infection control paramount when it comes to our guests. We provide disposable sheets, pillowcases and towels that are manufactured in Paris, specifically for hoteliers. You will find them clean, and extremely comfortable to sleep on while resting assured that no one else has slept on them before you! We also have invested in medical grade vinyl covers that are both bacteria and antifungal in nature.

Some of our rooms are equipped with private bathrooms while some require the use of a community bathroom. However, those bathrooms are kept very clean and sanitized after each guest. Being that we are a small hotel, this is not a problem.

Both Italian and English are spoken by native speakers of each respective language and we are respectful of the diversity of our clientele. Although we don’t provide meals, there is a restaurant on the hotel grounds which specialize in Napolitano style cuisine. There are also grocery stores, and a multitude of cafe’s within walking distance.

Please book your reservation today! Rooms with a private bath are 50 euro’s per night and without are 40 euro’s per night. Those are legitimate prices! You too can travel to Tuscany!

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