Fettunta Recipe

Preparation time: 5 minutes
Expense: 1 euro

This is the perfect winter thrifty recipe. So easy to prepare, so delicious, you cannot have enough. One is tied to the other, and all go in your mouth! Like all the simple things, the secret lays in the ingredients. They are very few and humble, but their quality has to be the best you can find. Fettunta is the Tuscan name that in Lazio is given to bruschetta, toasted breat, broiled on embers or in the oven. But the difference is that the Tuscan recipe only requires delicious olive oil, salt and garlic, whereas the bruschetta usually comes with all sorts of things on top.
Just imagine inviting everyone over to your house, perhaps with the fireplace flaming a roaring fire that warms up the ambient and the spirit. It often happens in Tuscany to celebrate the new olive oil harvest and squeezing, as the best way to taste it is a flat slice of white unsalty Tuscan bread. You may accompany the fettunta with aged and fresh cheese, better if Pecorino.

– Salt
– Extra Virgin Olive Oil
– Tuscan White Bead
– Garlic Cloves

This is the simplest Tuscan recipe you will ever find, and a quite thrifty one. Get the Tuscan bread and slice it into half inch thick slices. Cut each in half if they are too long. Set them to broil on medium hot embers or in the oven. Broil both sides. When done (usually on embers it only takes a minute or so, so careful no to burn them) brush a garlic clove on one or both sides, salt to taste and pour a swirl of olive oil on top. Some like a generous swirl, other a more thrifty one.
The best thing is to let everyone prepare their own fettunta. Prepare several peeled garlic cloves, the sliced bread, salt and olive oil on a table and let everyone toast the bread on the embers to their liking. However if you have an oven you might toast the bread in advance. The fettunta is best eaten when still hot. Buon appetito!

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