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Tuscany is a much beloved region of Italy, and it’s fair to think that if you are here on ThriftyTuscany.com, chances are that in a short while you’ll be in Tuscany too, enjoying its wonderful natural environment, the landscapes that you can admire from your accommodation in Tuscany and the wonderful locations of rental properties. For many decades the Tuscan region authority has spent a great effort creating environmental barriers to pollution, thanks to savvy management of waste disposal, fauna and flora reintegration programs, air and water filters, and energy saving measures. Visual and hearing pollution has also been a concern for many decades, as no beautiful place can be as such if underlined by a noisy soundtrack or spoiled by even a single construction out of tune with the surrounding environment. Therefore, industrial and productive areas have been concentrated where no such damage could be done to the enjoyment of the many gifts that Tuscany has to offer.

While you are in Tuscany enjoying your stay, think about these aspects of the land that surrounds you, enjoy the services of your apartment or hotel or villa in Tuscany in an environmentally responsible manner. How? Below you will find some advice that will not reduce the enjoyment of your vacation a bit while keeping Mother Nature happy:

Reducing water waste
Perhaps the most important one, especially in summer when higher temperatures cause a lot of water evaporation and sometimes shortages, taking showers that are no longer than 7 minutes is very important. A simple way to save on water is to close the faucet while you are shampooing or using body wash. This way you will save water and reduce the amount of soap in the environment. If for you a long shower is a way to relax, the great alternative is to visit one of the many Tuscan thermal spas, providing plenty of enjoyment and long lasting relaxation.
In addition if you have small children that enjoy playing with the water faucet, try to steer them towards other games. If your accommodation has a swimming pool, they will gladly switch to playing in the water with you.

Reducing electricity consumption
Italy has just created a law that bans the sale of incandescent light bulbs from 2010, therefore you will increasingly find light-saving bulbs in Tuscan accommodations. You can contribute to help in reducing the waste by leaving the lights on only for the time you really need them. If you are spending the evening in the garden, switch off the lights in the house, you will also get less flies and mosquitoes in!. Also, Tuscany, especially the rural areas, is a very safe place. You do not need to leave any light on while you are away for the evening to pretend someone is at home.
Air conditioning is another great source of electricity consumption. Did you know that Tuscan villas and farmhouses are so old that their walls are great heat shelters? Most accommodations in Tuscany usually do not have air conditioning as to keep the house cool you just need to leave your windows open at night and close them and the shades during the day. You will save a lot of electricity and the environment will be grateful to you.

Reducing washings
Many times when we travel we think that we are entitled to one set of clean towels per day. Thinking about it, we do not think the same when we are at home. Useless washes increase exponentially the amount of soaps in water ways, water and electricity waste. If you do not really need a clean towel everyday, please fold it and let it dry on the towel rack.

Reducing heating pollution
If you happen to be visiting Tuscany during the beautiful winter season, you may realize that you really need heating during the cold months! Gas and oil are the main heating resources of Tuscany, therefore being considerate about the temperature you set your independent heating unit may make a lot of difference towards the environment. Reducing the temperature and bringing it to around 20 Celsius (71 Fahrenheit) reduces the amount of Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere by many tons, while also saving natural resources. All in all, you may adapt to the Tuscan way of living during your stay and wear a nice sweater while at home.

NOTE: As a measure of reducing waste with the utilities-all-included pricing formula, some property owners may start charging if consumptions exceed a certain limit specified by them. Be aware of this while you are booking, ask about these limits.

These few points to ponder are a great habit everywhere on the planet, and Tuscany will be thankful to you if you try to stick to them at your best.

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