About ThriftyTuscany.com

ThriftyTuscany.com starts in 2008 as a spin off of a well established Internet-based Tuscany accommodation rental agency. ThriftyTuscany.com offers its Tuscany accommodation rental services in a completely new way, setting a new standard. No intermediation and high quality property rentals.

Based in the heart of Tuscany, ThriftyTuscany.com capitalizes on its direct contact with the territory.

Thanks to the state of the art insertion software employed, both owners and visitors find in ThriftyTuscany.com a fast and reliable way to get in touch with one another, directly and with no intermediaries! This means no additional costs, faster, fail-proof and fully reliable information exchange.

The large amount of information allowed to be inserted by property owners is a great resource for visitors that can find a detailed description of what they are looking for with few clicks. A reference to any additional information is always provided by the owner when needed and available.

New in 2009 is the development of the fast and reliable site-wide search tools. Both the keyword and the search criteria methods help visitors narrow down the number of properties to visit without missing any they might be interested in. The budget criteria is a very important tool for users, helping to find the right property for their budget range.

ThriftyTuscany.com puts a great effort in bringing to its website users a reliable service. All the information is directly inserted and reviewed by who knows each rental accommodation in Tuscany to the perfection: its owners.
The mapping of each property location is determined thanks to geo coordinates, giving visitors the exact location of the property they are interested in exact distances and driving directions to the hot Tuscan spots they are most interested in. ThriftyTuscany.com provides that!

Since 2010 the useful “Search by Location” interactive map helps visitors to find their properties located in a specific area of interest. Are you interested in staying near Florence? Just zoom in and find a range of properties directly on the map!

Each accommodation can be independently reviewed by those who have sojourned in it, a very important tool for those who need to choose their holiday rental in Tuscany.

At ThriftyTuscany.com we are always developing new ways to make your Tuscan property search quick, easy and productive.
Our mission is just this, great properties at affordable prices to be found with light-speed searches.

We hope we are succeeding in making your experience on ThriftyTuscany.com an excellent one.

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